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Digitization Day

What is Digitization Day?

The CIRCA Histories and Archives group hosted the 2nd Digitization Day on Monday April 16th, 2012 for researchers to meet up and learn about the various digitization projects and resources on campus. We are also excited to announce a second-day event on Tuesday April 17th, 2012 the Digitization Research Workshop! This workshop has been designed to provide digitization expertise for future projects that plan to include a significant digital component as part of their research.

If you are interested in presenting at Digitization Day or attending the Digitization Research Workshop contact the event organizer Victoria Smith <>

Digitization Day 2012 is supported by CIRCA, the Library, and the Office of Interdisciplinary Studies.

Programme and Conference Proceedings

Click here for a PDF version of the programme.

Conference Proceedings

Geoffrey Rockwell’s conference notes on Digitization Day 2012 with links mentioned in the talks.

University Libraries Survey

Research Data Sharing and Management on the U of A Campus survey

Digitization Research Workshop

CIRCA Digital Research Workshop

April 17, 2012

Purpose: To help teams develop a project plan for a digital research project. This workshop is for a small number of research teams that want to develop a signi?cant digital component as part of their research, but need advice.

Format: The workshop will host a maximum of 4 projects of between 1 and 4 people each. Teams will apply with a project that they would like to ?esh out technically. The workshop will last a day.

Result: By the end of the workshop participants should have a clear understanding of the needs and direction of their project as well as knowledge of the resources required to achieve their end goal and the options available to them on campus.

Morning Session

  • Introductions and discussion of workshop plan
  • Team presentations: What is the research challenge?
  • Short presentations: Experts from different units on campus will give brief presentations on subjects like grant opportunities, digitizing, computing infrastructure needed, and budgeting.

Afternoon Session

In the afternoon there will be a round robin where teams can work individually with experts to get advice for their project. At the end of the session there will be :

  • Digital project Walkabout
  • 4 half hour rounds of mini-consultations
  • Teams report back with an outline as to how they think they could do their project
  • Wrap-up comments

The Digitization Research Workshop is supported by the Kule Folklore Centre.

Last year’s Digitization Day:

The CIRCA Histories and Archives group organized a Digitization Day on December 16th, 2010. This one-day event is a chance for research projects that are digitizing evidence to meet up with units on campus that provide relevant research services. Projects that are creating digital archives of different sorts will give short presentations as will units on campus that support research.

Geoffrey Rockwell’s Conference Report is online. There is a list of links for those that came and Express News wrote a story on the day.

Why should I come?

  • In one day you can learn a lot about different digital projects
  • Figure out who is doing what on campus
  • Get ideas for your own project
  • Learn what resources are available
  • Talk about challenges you have in your project


Click here for a PDF version of the programme.


  • Mary-Jo Romaniuk (Chief Librarian)
  • Geoffrey Rockwell (Humanities Computing and Philosophy)
  • Paul Hjartarson (English and Film Studies)
  • Andrea Hasenbank (English and Film Studies)
  • Harvey Quamen (Humanities Computing and English and Film Studies)
  • Leah Vanderjagt (University of Alberta Libraries)
  • Geoff Harder (University of Alberta Libraries)
  • Raymond Frogner (Book and Record Depository)
  • Chris Want (Academic Information and Communication Technologies)
  • Andriko Lozowy (Sociology)
  • Gary Kelly (English and Film Studies)
  • David Buchanan (Comparative Literature)
  • Mark Madsen (Commercial Sector)
  • Benjamin V. Tucker (Linguistics)
  • David Descheneau (folkwaysAlive)
  • Pierre Boulanger (Computer Science)
  • Peter Baskerville (History and Classics/Humanities Computing)
  • Eleni Stroulia (Computing Science)
  • Frank Tough (Native Studies)
  • Keavy Martin (English and Film Studies)

When and Where?

Location: Telus 134.

Date: December 16th, 2010

Time: 9:00am to 5:00pm with lunch and coffee breaks. Coffee at 8:30am and we start at 9:00am. The final session will finish at 3:45pm.


For more information contact Dorota Tecza <dtecza at ualberta dot ca> or Chiao-Chun Wu <chiaochu at ualberta dot ca>.

Digitization Day is supported by CIRCA, the Humanities Computing programme in the Office of Interdisciplinary Studies, English and Film Studies, Native Studies, and the Library.

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