Canadian Institute for Reseach Computing in the Arts

Histories and Archives Lab

The History and Archives Collaboratory is an interdisciplinary team interested in:

  • how digital archives can be returned to the community
  • the ethics of digitizing community cultural materials
  • how we can digitize and preserve the history of humanities computing
  • the historiography of humanities computing
  • the administrative history of computing in the humanities


  • Developing an archive of humanities computing documents.
  • The histories of humanities computing in Canada
  • Digitization and Return – the ethics of digitizing cultural materials for communities. (See wiki for materials.)
  • Digitization Day – a gathering of digitization projects and related units on campus


CIRCA Scholars involved in the collaboratory include:

Dr. Sean Gouglas
Dr. Harvey Quamen
Dr. Geoffrey Rockwell
Dr. Keavy Martin
Dr. Onookome Okome
Dr. Paul Hjartarson

We have a Project Wiki up on the CIRCA Annoki site.

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