Canadian Institute for Reseach Computing in the Arts


People can participate in CIRCA at a variety of levels: on the Board, as a CIRCA Scholar, or even as a Collaboratory (Lab) participant. The details of the Scholar program will be forthcoming.


Dr. Maureen Engel
 is the Director of CIRCA. Engel is an Assistant Professor and Graduate co-ordinator of the Humanities Computing program at the University of Alberta. She can be contacted at:

Maureen Engel
400 Arts and Convocation Hall
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta, T6G 2E6

Email: maureen dot engel at ualberta dot ca
Web: Dr. Maureen Engel


CIRCA Scholars

Through the CIRCA Scholars program, interested researchers will be able to formalize their relationship with CIRCA at various levels of access and/or responsibility. CIRCA Scholars will typically be associated with a Collaboratory. If you are interested, please contact the Director.

CIRCA Scholars appointed starting July 2010:

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